Ferry Timmermans aka FERREZ

At a very young age, FERREZ already took his first steps in music. His rhythm and sense of music made him play full songs on the organ. Learned by heart and not by notes he took it to the next level playing the piano, accordion and piano in musicals performed at school.
In puberty, influenced by Ben Liebrand, he recorded music tapes every evening.
At the age of 15 (1988) FERREZ and his friends were the founders of “Smash ‘88”, an opportunity given bij the church. Ferry became a DJ there and the soos was a hit for all teenagers in the area.

In the 90’s he performed in a small disco in his place of residence and in the weekends he also played at the “drie snoeken”. 4 days a week he mixed vinyl records and made the crowd dance.

For a couple of years, his professional career, making club designs like DJ booths for the hippest clubs and the great names in music made his musical aspirations fade into the background.

In 2018 he decided that it was time to start composing his own music again, fulfilling his dream. It became the reason he made his debut with the remix of ‪Fleetwood-mac‬ / dreams which resulted in his breakthrough in music. ‬

And he is still living that dream…